Marketer. Photographer. Producer. Editor. Model. All in all and unrestricted.

Ebony Gooden strongly identify as a black Deaf woman. She is originally from United States and moved to Calgary, Canada after graduating from Gallaudet University. She fully believes in having full accessibility to information, as an advocate for the Deaf community. She enjoys creating V-logs and discovering interesting ways to blend ASL into visual videos, like music and poetry.

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After Effect
Final Cut Pro


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In order to help you grow your business, few of my skills can help make your decision.
Content Creation
It is one of the most powerful tool one can use for any social media campaign. Allow me to help you create and build your brand with original contents that will represent who you are. It can be images, flyers, posters, videos or even gif.
Come sit down with me over a cup of coffee so that I can take the time to learn about you and your brand. It will be the start of building your social media. Sit back and relax while I do some researches and analyze data to target audience.
SEO Analisys
This tool involve in researching keywords, developing SEO strategies both on website and social medias. There is so much more than hashtag and researching what's trending. It involve researching opportunity and optimization.

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