Accessibility Consulting Services

Deafinitely Digital is founded by a Black Deaf Woman who truly believes the best people to give advice on how to become more accessible are the ones who need accessibility.

Our consultants are equipped and experienced in providing various services to help your company or organization become more accessible to Deaf, DeafBlind and/or Hard of hearing. We will help you increase the visibility of your online presence.

Image Description:
Ebony have long black hair that curl pass her shoulders as she is smiling off the camera. Her red lip stick matches her painted fingernails. She is wearing white blouse and grey vest.

What we offer

Our consultants will begin by identifying key communication barriers, in order to offer solutions that will increase accessibility in your company or organization.

Accessibility Consulting Services

Every company and organization is different which means every company and organization requires a unique strategy. Our consultants will take the time to learn your mission, goals and target audience in order to identify your needs before developing a communication strategy to fit your brand.

Social Media Assessments

Our accessibility consultants visit your website and social media to assess everything, from your viewers to the effectiveness of accessibility and inclusivity. This assessment will include notes about your current presence and how to improve your presence. They will then recommend how to improve your accessibility in order to create an actionable platform to engage Deaf, DeafBlind and/or Hard-of-Hearing followers, members and/or staff.

ASL Translation and Content Development

American Sign Language (ASL) is the primary language used by people who are Deaf, DeafBlind and hard of hearing. At Deafinitely Digital, also offers translating English content into ASL. This may include content from your website, social media, online training (with the help of hearing contractors) and so much more. Increasing online accessibility will open an organization to  additional gainful opportunities.

Digital Media Captioning

Closed captioning (CC) allows viewers to read written text of what is being said in a video. These can be done permanently on the screen or toggled on and off for platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. Deafinitely Digital offers services to create and encode the text files for your video contents.

Transcript and Photo Description

Transcription and photo description is another method of allowing your viewers to understand what is being said within digital media. In addition to captioning, you can include the translation in the description.

Image Description: Ebony have long black hair that curl pass her shoulders as she is smiling off the camera. Her red lip stick matches her painted fingernails. She is wearing white blouse under her grey vest and long black pant.

What talent solutions do we offer?

Allow us to assist you in improving the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) of your business. There is a large, active, and eager group of people waiting to hear from you.

Why should you consider these services? Allow us to explain why our solutions would be beneficial to you:

  • We specialize in teaching organizations to ensure everyone has equal access and opportunity to valuable services.
  • In doing so, we help those organizations tap into clients and followers who may otherwise be at risk of being overlooked—as much as 20% of the population.
  • Our services aren’t focused on only one community. While assessing an organization’s content, we ensure that people, able-bodied or disabled, are able to navigate without missing information, being overwhelmed, or confused.

Why Choose Deafinitely Digital?

What sets us apart is that we are a team composed of Deaf and hard of hearing individuals. We have first-hand experience and knowledge about accessibility. We can connect you to inclusive resources, including Deaf-owned businesses and organizations.

Deafinitely Digital exists to help businesses and organizations increase accessibility for Deaf, blind, and hard of hearing individuals. We accomplish these goals with the support of the very people who belong to these communities.