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In partnership with Deaf Spectrum and Inside Out Theatre, we held two weeks’ improv workshops for Deaf artists from Canada. They featured two exceptional prominent artists, Joshua Castille and Jules Dameron, to lead Zoom’s seminar. An online platform to create.

Candian Deaf artists were selected to join the workshop series under their professional guidance to experiment, play, and host our first all Canadian improv showcase online on May 29th.

It is part of our mission to improve Canada’s theatre landscape and ensure that Deaf artists are involved in the artistic process for impact. We sought to seek artistic training so that we are enabled to share our stories for and by the Deaf.


It was a new era when the entire world had changed in a mere week.

The art community came to a halt as venues were no longer allowed to fill their seats and space. Instead, the entire country had to shift from interacting in person to relying heavily on technology.

Creative ASL Theatre Session was one of my contracts that had decided to shift from providing it two weeks workshop in Calgary and Toronto to an online platform due to coronavirus. 

I was delighted to be part of this hilarious and fun ASL Improv class during a difficult time. What made it better was that two amazing Deaf artists taught it from the United States, Joshua Castille and Jules Dameron from Hypernovas Production.

However, it hadn’t been easy because people were still shifting to technology, and not everyone knew how to use the internet. I had many roles during this workshop. I juggled being a secretary, technology assistance, screen manager and marketing. Overall, it was a huge success.

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Deaf Spectrum & Inside Out Theatre




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